We Created A Trend On TikTok And Made Millions In One Day

From zero to hero with B00st and Nicole Skyes

Start with a unique story

We started with a unique story that would resonate with TikToks audience and ultimately turn into a viral trend and push Lootbana to the top. 

The Plot And Story

We know we had to find an induvial with a solid social presence and grandiose market adoption like Nicole Skyes. We worked with her to create the idea and illusion that she would embark on this new adventure that Lootbana sponsored into the vast open seas.

Full story here:

One Day Later

The next day the post did what we expected it to do, and that was to GO VIRAL!! The team and Nicole were so happy with the result we brought Nicole organically 200K+ new followers in just two hours after posting the TikTok that would ultimately lead Lootbana to sell out 136 different warehouse stocks on a premium item with premium margins.

The Conclusion

The team set out to win, and that's what they did. We can confidently say that we benchmarked past all expectations. The client was happy, and Nicole was fantastic to work with. She's so unique and a great asset that Lootbana needed. Lootbana ended up having 0 - 3.2M hashtag results and Nicole ended up with 500K+ new followers.