How Enterprise Blockchain is Transforming Legacy B2B Back Office Systems

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B2b Communication is a Key Requirement for a Business Network

Enterprise Blockchain is commonly used by organizations to digitally transform legacy B2B collaborations and custom applications in the back office.  This is due to the game-changing efficiency of shared ledgers and digital constructs like digital assets (tokens). Blockchain and its associated stack of technologies are all about B2B collaboration.

The Test

At Kaleido, we get to work with some of the largest companies in the world across all major sectors (financial services, insurance, manufacturing, travel, manufacturing, etc.). We’ve seen many blockchain projects since 2015, from small Line of Business ones to the biggest, most ambitious industry-wide transformation initiatives.  We’ve found that one of the most consistent technical needs expressed by consortia is for organizations to exchange messages and store and exchange documents off-chain.Dolore veritatis voluptas tenetur amet amet.

That’s why we’ve devoted an entire section of our platform to B2B Communications (read the product update here).  The services within the B2B category make solving some of the difficult and time-consuming plumbing tasks click-button simple.  While messaging or document exchange sounds simple on the service, the decentralized nature of a consortium adds some new and tricky wrinkles into the mix. The Kaleido services exist in the same security, operational and tenancy models as the blockchain (data plane) and admin console (control plane), which is uniquely built for consortia non-functional requirements.