We're on a mission to change the world one line of code at a time

Our numbers

  • 2015

    Year founded
  • $20M

    Secured transactions
  • 14

    Team members

Our milestones

  • 1
    Start with customers
    We're here for you. That's why we research, interview, test, iterate, and gather feedback — first, last, and always.
  • 2
    Extraordinary kindness
    Because kindness is contagious, and helps us achieve both of our missions.
  • 3
    Be radically candid
    Inspired by Kim Scott’s book Radical Candor, we care personally and challenge directly so we can improve not only ourselves, but also our product.

Our core behaviors

We don't have core values because values mean nothing without action. So these are our core behaviors.

Start with customers
Practice extraordinary kindness
Be radically candid
Move intentionally fast
Dream big
Quality-driven environment

Technology & Tools

Pioneering and white labeling our own solutions

Ruby,TypeScript,PHP,JS & Python
NFT  Infrastructure
Open Seas, CTE, Rareable, Recur, & AsYnc
Elastic earch, Sql-lite, Mongo, Postgre, & Realm
Elastic earch, Sql-lite, Mongo, Postgre
Swift, Reactnative, Kotlin, Java &Ob C
Vue.Js, Symfony, Nest.js, Reactive
Firebase, GraphQl, Redis, MySQl & Coredata
Blockchain Server
LiteSpeed, Apache, IBM , AWS, NOSqL

We Love To Build

At b00st we like to build our own tools sets

Sales & Marketing
Kristp: The smartest CRM
Ai & Analytics
Guardian: Automate anything
Vue.Js, Symfony, Nest.js, Reactive